Custom Tailor your salvaar kamiz:

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Explanations of measurements:
    Take all in cm or inches, be consistent:

    Salvaar top:

    1. Shoulder to shoulder on the back.
    2. Armpit, make loosely like a comfy t-shirt.
    3. Length of sleeve.
    4. Circumference of arm hole at the end.
    5. Chest, leave room, do not make tight, like a loose, comfy t-shirt or your comfort.
    6. Do you want a slit or closed on the side. You can tell how deep you want the slit.
    7. Slit measurement from waist to bottom (length) of top or at theigh or so down to bottom.
    8. Tell your height.

    Pant Measurements:
    1P: Hip measurement
    2S: Length of pant. Give from your hip to ankle, give room for sitting down.
    3C: For chudidhar pant, give the circumference of ankle. This should be tight or tight with comfort. (add 1/8 inch or so)

As of February 2004, no more orders will be taken. The purpose of this page is to detail to you how one can take measurements to give to a tailor (mostly in India) and have your own salvaar kamiz tailor made. I hope it has been useful.
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