Custom Tailor your Sari Blouse (choli):

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Sari Blouse Illustration-
Places to take measurements described below

Custom back necklines.

Explanations of measurements:
    Take all in centimeters:

    Sari Blouse:

    1. Shoulder to neck measurement.
    2. Armpit, make medium tight. (keep measuring tape tightly around armpit and add 1-2 cm).
    3. Length of sleeve on upper arm (shoulder to just above elbow).
    4. Length of sleeve on lower arm (armpit to just under elbow same place where #3 measurement ended).
    5. Circumference of arm at place sleeve will end.
    6. Waist measurement.
    7. Blouse height- taken from top of shoulder to at least 6 inches or more under chest, where you feel comfortable, but not all the way down to hips).
    8. Chest measurement.
    9. Back side, depth of neck (taken from neck joining back to above where back side bra strap would be horizontally).

    A few tips:
    1. Some saris come with the blouse piece attached after the pallu (free end). Cut this and keep it. Stitch the ends of sari so they don't fray.
    2. If you use the sari blouse piece that comes with sari, examine its thickness and type. You may consider asking the tailor to stitch in a liner, either to make the fabric thicker (not transparent) or due to the fabric type (i.e. synthetics itch and the liner would be cotton, not so abrasive to the skin).
    3. When the sari does not come with blouse piece attached, which is most of the time the case, find a matching color blouse piece. Many times these fabric pieces are thin, so purchase a liner of similar color.

As of February 2004, no more orders will be taken. The purpose of this page is to detail to you how one can take measurements to give to a tailor (mostly in India) and have your own sari blouse tailor made. I hope it has been useful.
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