Link Exchange and Recommended Sites
This Site is dedicated to the browsers who have decided to participate in the link exchange and the links I enjoyed which were referred to me by the browsers to my site.
Link Exchange:

DD's Gourmet Indian Kitchen - on Abhijit's Planet Submit your recipies to Abhijit's site! NEW! 11/03

C.S. Kishore: Kishore's personal site is devote to his personal and religious philosophy on life. His articles are very inspiring.

Henrik Gemal: Henrik is Danish man who lived in Bombay for 10 months and has detailed it nicely on his site with his other interesting travels. - Information on Hinduism/Sanatana Dharma NEW 07/03

Maraththadi - A Sanctuary for Tamils - A group on yahoo groups. Most posts are in Tamil. NEW! (01/03)

Michele's Salad Bowl: Michele is part of an interracial family and her site is devoted to open mindedness in the world, in life and in ourselves.

Vikas Ragta's India Photos:
Very captiving photos of North India

C. Frank Starmer:
Mr. Starmer is a professor and has travelled to Chennai to teach in IIT many times. His photo links near the bottom are full of photos that can make any Madrasi homesick- as well as me! This will link you to a page of links, there are several India ones and many others of interest.

**Please note do not submit your link if your site has any nudity, vulgarity, sexual or racist jokes or connotations.
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Sites Recommended by Browsers:

Sites listed below are reviewed by the webmaster and are relevent to this website or are very personally intriguing.
This part of the page is under construction.
  • Art of Living Foundation
  • Learn about Vedic Astrology- NEW
  • Balkatha: Children's Books in Various Indian Languages.
  • Friends of India @ U Arkansas: Don't miss the section on 'Life in the USA' (Under New Students Link).
  • The Heart Of Awareness A translation of the Ashtavakra Gita: By Dr. Thomas Byrom
  • Karunakara Guru: Santhigiri Ashram's Web Site NEW 12/03
  • Helps to resolve questions liken "Who am I?" and How to liberate your soul. - NEW
  • Shivam Home Page: Good resource on Sanaathana Dharma - Hinduism and Saivism in specific.
  • Siva Sakti: In-depth Yoga, Tantra and Meditation Resource
  • Study Abroad -to the U.S.A.: A Budding site aiding Indians to study in the U.S.A. A Must see.
  • Templenet: Learn different aspects of Hinduism and Hindu Temples
  • Jayanthi's Homepage Updates at Yahoo! Groups - Join for updates to my homepage and have access to even more interesting Hindu and India related links I have compiled.
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